• MS Articulation Transfer Tool (MATT)

    If you are a community college student interested in transferring to a Mississippi Public University or if you want to transfer between Mississippi Public Universities, you are in the right place.

    The most accurate transfer information is available from the institution you plan to attend so make that contact as soon as possible. In the meantime, the link below will connect you to a general set of transfer guidelines.

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  • Mississippi's Educational Partners

    Having partners in education helps provide a more even playing field for all families and children in Mississippi. Mississippi takes pride in its relationships with organizations that promote postsecondary credentials, college certificates, and degrees that lead to meaningful employment like the MDE, MCCB, IHL, and WHEF. Each of these organizations' primary objective is to promote more citizens in Mississippi to achieve successful postsecondary outcomes. Click to learn more about each partner.

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  • My Way Mississippi Educational Spotlight

    College Countdown MS has new look but the same dedication to Mississippi school counselors, teachers, college professionals, and college access initiatives remains. We support - Application Days, FAFSA Days, and College Signing Days along with opportunities for training, networking, and recognition. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel, join the Facebook group, and register for upcoming training events.

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